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WEB Development

WEB DevelopmentWork piling up. not enough time and too few resources? True Dergisi is single-minded in our determination to serve businesses poised for growth. We drive to expand your offerings, increase your profitability and lower your costs.

Our web development improves productivity, streamlines operations, and efficiently promotes products and services. True Dergisi drives more business through the web using proven technologies, securing vital business and customer information.
Join True Dergisi to unleash the power of your online business.


e-commerce – Off-the-shelf products need not apply. True Dergisi builds the custom e-commerce solutions your business needs, delivering a superior shopping experience in order to provide a quantum leap over your competition.

Equipped with an arsenal of development tools, we can deploy the solutions your business needs, quickly, cost effectively, and most of all securely. Whether a solution must be deployed within your framework, or hosted by True Dergisi, it makes no difference to us, we simply have the power and know-how to deliver.

If your business wants to start small, with front-end e-commerce, or go the distance with a completely controllable back-office system, True Dergisi will deliver the solution that meets your business needs. Above all, True Dergisi e-commerce solutions provide the return on investment business demands.

CRM – Integrating sales, web, and legacy data into a manageable solution can be a daunting and complex task. Let True Dergisi pull the pieces together to make your CRM puzzle complete. Through one access point, monitor marketing, sales, support and online activity.

Keep on top of the data that matters most, and drive future projects with information that makes sense. Manage your customers the way you want with an end-to-end solution from True Dergisi.

channel – Does your business provide the tools your partners need in order to meet sales objectives? Develop the resources your channel demands through on-time communication, custom point of sale materials, and e-communications that will give your partners the competitive edge.

management – Too much weight on your IT staff? Servers, bandwidth and content management coming in at too high a price? With a need for ever increasing and complex solutions to make businesses hum, True Dergisi can make it easy to manage. Whether part or the whole of your web systems should be operated with external resources, True Dergisi can carry the load.