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Video Production

Video Production Video tape. CD-ROM, DVD. online streaming, high-definition or standard resolution; too many choices?

Today's world of delivering video content has created new opportunities to connect with customers, while at the same time grown increasingly complicated.
True Dergisi removes the confusion of digital media, making it easy for businesses to deliver multi-media to potential and existing customers.
Live streaming, online flash. DVD's - any flavor works with True Dergisi.


pre-production – Training videos, new product information for sales, or simply wanting to tell the story of your business’ heritage and competitive advantage – True Dergisi removes the barriers of pre-production. By clearly identifying the hurtles and process, True Dergisi provides an easy and comprehensive transition from idea generation to production rollout.

production – “Quiet on the set!” True Dergisi produces broadcast-quality products, with industry leading experience second to none. From lighting to sweeping boom cranes, True Dergisi delivers the proper production tools, delivering a solid end-product. Above all, True Dergisi ensures your video shoots will turn out the way your business requires them too - professionally.

post-production – Don’t compromise the quality of your video. From motion graphics to professional narration and editing, True Dergisi gets the job done right. How a video production is preformed can mean the difference between success and failure. Why take chances? Let True Dergisi deliver a post-production product that differentiates your business from the competition.

authoring & duplication – In need of DVD authoring, replication and jacket/mailer creation? True Dergisi’s authoring, design abilities, and replication partnerships makes True Dergisi the place for adding those finishing touches to video production. In today’s world authoring often stretches beyond physical media. If you require multiple ways to reach your audience, either physical or web-based, True Dergisi is your one stop video distribution center.