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Brand & Design

Brand And DesignHaving trouble making your web site, marketing literature, and communications fit together? Relax. True Dergisi takes the pain out of making a cohesive brand.

Driving an effective, unified message is what we do. From brand identity, web design to traditional marketing materials, True Dergisi makes it happen through one seamless effort.
Let True Dergisi's creative wingspan cover your business needs.


web design – Design and development are different worlds. The real mystery is how to effectively merge design and development into a form which makes web sites hum - this is True Dergisi’s job.

Web design is more than just a skin deep look and feel, a color scheme and logo. Design is about ease of use, functionality and the ability to get your customers where they want to go in an efficient and logical manner. True Dergisi prides itself on delivering web designs that are more than, well, just design.

flash – Deliver your customers an interface that makes the most sense. Flash, when implemented correctly, is a form of communication through experience. Flash is not for every page and button, but it does have serve a useful niche that can fill many voids. Understanding when flash is and is not appropriate is critical to web design. Let True Dergisi properly integrate flash into your online business experience.

branding – Has your brand developed out of osmosis, or taken a life of it’s own without a cohesive direction? Building a credible brand does not happen overnight, it happens with vision, discipline and dedicaton to execution. True Dergisi brings branding back to solid ground, in order to let your company fly.

design – Creativity, publishing, ad creation – True Dergisi delivers all forms of traditional communications. Brand identity, business cards, marketing slicks, brochures, catalogs, or high powered sales materials, True Dergisi has the experience and quality your customers will connect with, and feel compelled to respond.

content creation – Creating an amazing look and feel is one thing, but designing professional communication that spurs a targeted market to take action is another. True Dergisi delivers the copyrighting talent and creative know-how that makes marketing literature the catalyst to driving sales. Contact us today to make your business a cohesive communications machine that will move your audience to action.